Mississauga Library Collective Agreement

Mississauga Library Workers Ratify New Collective Agreement

Mississauga library workers have finally ratified a new collective agreement after months of negotiations. The new agreement was reached after a period of intense negotiations between the union representing library workers and the city. The agreement is expected to provide library workers with better work conditions, job security, and improved benefits.

The new collective agreement, which covers over 300 library workers in Mississauga, will see staff receive a 5.5% wage increase over the next three years. The agreement also provides library workers with an additional day of vacation and improved bereavement leave.

The agreement comes after months of negotiations, with staff rallying to demand better working conditions and improved benefits. Library workers were concerned about job security and work hours, with many calling for a better work-life balance. Union members also raised concerns about the lack of career development opportunities for library staff, which they said was a major issue affecting morale and job satisfaction.

The new collective agreement addresses many of these concerns, with the city agreeing to provide library workers with a more robust benefits package, including additional mental health support.

Library staff were also concerned about staffing levels, with many saying that the library was understaffed, leading to increased stress and burnout. The new agreement sets out new minimum staffing levels for libraries, which the union says will help to reduce these issues.

Overall, the new collective agreement is a win for library workers in Mississauga. The agreement is expected to provide better working conditions, improved benefits, and greater job security. It is also anticipated that the agreement will help to address many of the issues that have plagued the library system in recent years, including understaffing and the lack of career development opportunities for staff.

Library workers have welcomed the new agreement, saying that it is a significant step forward for the library system and for library workers in Mississauga. They say that it is a testament to the power of collective bargaining and the strength of union solidarity, and they are optimistic about the future of the library system under the new agreement.